How to play violon using free violin sheet music

How to play violon

Correct Posture for Playing the Violin

The violin is another instrument where posture not only influences the quality of sound produced but may also lead to muscle and back strain. This means that you will have to put some work to get your posture right, especially if you are a beginner.

Playing Tips for Beginners

Producing the right sound from a violin as a beginner is somehow difficult, so you need to know how to place your fingers correctly.


How to play violonAn easy way to play the violin and also to increase your playing speed is using your fingers to guide you to the next note. Let’s say you have placed your fingers properly on the strings and you want to play the note C# on the A string and then a G note on the D string. In this case, you can use your second finger to place the third finger on the right string.

When learning to play the violin, timing and rhythm are equally very important. So, to minimize chances of playing inconsistent notes, which of course is caused by poor timing, try to play slowly as you concentrate on mastering the note. Once you are able to play it flawlessly you can then try to increase the pace. There are also a number of tools that can help you improve your timing and one of them is a metronome.


Playing by notes

How to play violonThe notes that make the open strings include the G, D, A ,E notes and if you know them, the next step is moving the bow in the right direction. There are two directions and they involve moving the bow to and fro from the frog to the tip.

We have the down bow where the bow moves from the frog to the tip and the up bow where the bow moves from the tip to the frog.

The first direction is the down bow which is the most common. So, the first note will come from the down bow followed by the second note which is the up bow.

The key here is to keep your focus on the notes but not the violin because each note represents a direction. By doing so, you can easily play the violin with your eyes closed. What you want to make sure is that you right hand is always in the right position so that you can place your fingers on the right strings.

Final tip, always let your wrist also move up during the up bow so that it does not go too close to the bridge or on the fingerboard. With this, you will be able to produce even much better sound.

How to master the notes

For you to master the notes, you must listen to the sound you are producing while always checking that the right hand maintains the right position. Keep this in your mind every time you are playing and with a little time you will also be able to play the violin by heart. Your focus should always be on the sound and the right hand.